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Monday, January 21st 2013

INTERVIEW: #NicholasHoult Didn’t Wipe Urine on my Hand and other Sweet Treats

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I don’t like to brag, but I met Nicholas Hoult. Never mind the fact that he’s technically spoken for, and no I am not talking about by Jennifer Lawrence, I am talking about the DIBS that has been called by my friend Elena. However, according to the girls over at That’s Normal and the Geneva Convention on Man Dibbing (well sharing)… well I don’t have a chance. Hey, don’t look at me like I am crazy, a girl can dare to dream.

This is what I have learned as a “reporter”, not a good thing to walk into the room and freely admit that you don’t know how to talk to this person. Here’s the thing, when I look at Nicholas Hoult, I don’t fawn all over him. But when you are around him, you fall in love with him. The boy is so soft spoken, so sweet, and well, his eyes will draw you in.

My stupid phone erased the round table interview we had with him, but we learned that when he was a kid, he was in a band. An ‘ARTIC MONKEY’ cover band. Call me dumb, had no clue what that was, but looked that up, and well… all I can say at least it wasn’t ZZ Top.

Maybe I should clean these interviews up, but well, I am going to share the unedited version. The nitty gritty of what it’s like to sit down with Nicholas Hoult and realize your college education did you no good, because it didn’t teach you how to speak to celebrities.

When we entered the room, Nicholas was no where to be found. A few seconds later the door to the bathroom opens. He walks over to me. I know this is cause I am first in the circle, but I like to believe it’s cause he had eyes for me (a girl can dream).

Nicholas: Sorry, that’s not piss on my hand (looks around the room) We’ve already spoken today haven’t we?

Erin: Ya a little. (Quiet) Sorry, we’re a little nervous.

Nicholas: Really, why?

Erin: We talked to you on set and we couldn’t come up with a question or annunciate a word. (everyone laughs)

Nicholas: Why what’s happened? Have you got the Zombie death?

Erin: We were dressed as Zombies

Nicholas: Well then you were in character.

Erin: Ya, you know.

Elena: (Laughing) That’s exactly why we weren’t talking to you. (everyone laughs)

Nikki: So there are fans that are super obsessed with Warm Bodies. What are you obsessed with?

Nicholas: Oooh what am I obsessed with? I get obsessive about strange things. Recently I have been making these survival bracelets and I got kinda obsessive about making those. A while back I got obsessed with knitting and I knitted for hours.

Nikki: Have you felted? It’s like knitting with felt.

Nicholas: I didn’t do that. But now that you have mentioned it.

Nikki: Might be your new thing.

Nicholas: I tried Oragami. I made a swan. I made a swan out of origami. That was it. Ya I don’t know.

Nikki: What’s a survival bracelet?

Nicholas: It’s like 12 feet of paracord. It’s kind of woven around and made into a bracelet and then if you are ever in a tricky situation and need some rope. (everyone laughs) It’s like you are never gonna use it, I am never going to use it, but it’s nice to have, just in case.

Kimmy: Would you say you got more self conscious being a zombie and kind of feel ridiculous, then playing a normal character?

Nicholas: Ya there is definitely a few times where I was like this is ridiculous. I look like an idiot. People are laughing at me. But at the same time, you can’t think like that obviously when you are doing the scenes. I’ve got a good imagination so I can kind of slip into that world and believe it 100 percent. The good thing about this film is that Jonathan Levine is a director and very supportive and enthusiastic. He created a really nice environment to try things out, be silly, and have fun.

Kimmy: Cool

Erin: Isaac said earlier that you nailed it.

Nicholas: Ahh, that’s very nice of him. I was nervous when he came to set and they showed him some stuff. With the director and the producers and stuff, you audition and stuff and they choose you. Even though I never feel like I am perfect for this role, I am nailing it, you know they have seen you do some stuff and they kind of like what you are doing perhaps. Otherwise they don’t want to cast you. But when the writer turns up and it’s his whole story, his whole idea, his characters and you know he cares about them so much, it’s nerve-wracking. SO I was really relieved when he liked what he saw on set and I am glad that he likes the movies as well.

Nikki: You mentioned that you were in an artic monkey cover band earlier, what are you listening to now?

Nicholas: (Laughs) I am still just living the days of the band (Everyone laughs). No, what am I listening to. I listen to a really eclectic mix. Hip hop and then go back to the Kinks and the Beatles and those sort of things. Then a little bit of Al Green, Nina Simone, and kind of a weird everything. It depends on the mood. I’ll listen to hip hop and get hyped up and then I’ll need to chill out and ya. (We all go quiet) what everyone else listening to. You got any good tunes?

Nikki: Umm, what have I been listening to? Oh I made a playlist the other day on Spotify that were in Warm Bodies. It was that good.

Nicholas: Oh ya. What do you search for that? What do you put it under?

Elena: Actually you can see all the songs that are on the Warm Bodies Soundtrack on the Warm Bodies pintrest page. There is a board on the Warm Bodies pintrest page specifically with all the songs on it.  (At this point Nicholas takes out a pen and writes the note on his arm)

Nikki: It’s also on the back of the press packet wherever that is.

Elena: We’ve been harassing the President of Marketing at Summit to put out a Soundtrack, so if that happens you can thank us later.

Nicholas: I wonder if they would release a soundtrack for this. There’s some good tunes on there.

Nikki: I don’t know if they can get Springsteen and those guys on the soundtrack.

Nicholas: We just need to show them the film and be like “C’mon Bruce”

Elena: It was this good

Nicholas: C’mon Bruce. Just give us a break.

Nikki: Your character is called R and we don’t really know what his name is. What would you call him, it doesn’t even have to be an R, what would you name R?

Nicholas: Hmm, that’s a tricky one. When I think about the character, I never tried to particularly think about what his name was or what his past or history was cause he can’t remember it. So at that point  I didn’t think about it or what it was. The obvious link would be Romeo, cause it’s very much a Romeo and Juliet story. One of the names Teresa’s character calls me at one point, cause she’s trying to guess my name is Raphael or something (everyone laughs). I think that’s pretty funny.

Nikki: Fancy Zombie Name.

Nicholas: Ya, ya. I think it was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles thing. (everyone laughs) So not as fancy as that.

Nikki: Sewers and Pizza, less paint.

Nicholas: Ya, ya. Maybe that, I don’t know.

Kimmy: Dave says he finds it very awkward watching himself, do you find it awkward watching yourself in this movie? Was it better or worse? Dave said it was easier to watch himself in 21 Jump Street then in this movie. How would you rank?

Nicholas: Why?

Kimmy: I don’t know.

Elena: He didn’t really say that.

Kimmy: He really didn’t say why. Like, what does this movie rank on your awkwardness level of watching yourself?

Nicholas: On an awkwardness level… ohhh. I don’t know, it’s… everythings awkward. The good thing about this, is, I mean obviously I am very self critical of myself the whole time. Like “I could have done that better, whatever” but theres this thing that the more you transform the easier it is to watch. Cause I am not talking like I talk, not walking how I walk, not looking how I look, it’s easy to get past that awkwardness. It’s not actually that awkward. I’ve seen it once, with some family and I was all ehhh (acts like bites nails). Nervous.

Nikki: Was it like that thing where you hear a recording of your voice and you are like Oh My God.

Nicholas: Exactly. Cause everyone, your voice in your own head is like oh ya, and then you hear it and you’re all…

Erin: I like the way you cuss. When we interviewed you on set you cussed a lot so I edited it, and for a long time my ring tone was like Shit. Fuck. Damn (everyone laughs)

Nicholas: Really? The ultimate cussing Mega Mix

Erin: I changed phones.

Nicholas: Oh no.

Nikki: I bet it’s up on your site though.

Erin: I should put it up.

Nicholas: Damn I want that as my ringtone

Elena: You can record your own voice saying it.

Nicholas: It’s not the same.

Elena: Both you and Jonathan talked a lot about watching Zombie movies, but did you hang out with anyone else off set?

Nicholas: No. (Everyone laughs).

Elena: Nobody else

Nikki: That sounds terrible

Nicholas: Me and Jonathan did spend a lot of time together prior watching movies and stuff. I’d hang out with quite a few of them

Elena: You didn’t hang out with me and Erin (everyone laughs)

Nicholas: (laughs) Everyone except you guys.

Erin: I did stand next to him for a whole scene, just saying.

Nicholas: I don’t know we’d work really odd hours. There wasn’t a lot of time to. We’d start on a Wednesday and work a morning to an evening to a Sunday night where we’d work like from 6 in the evening to 6 in the morning. There wasn’t a lot of social time. More focused on trying to get a good job done.

Erin: You did a good job. We were blown away. We loved it.

Nicholas: Ah, thank you so much.

We had so much fun. For more on the press conference, visit THATS NORMAL.

Can’t wait to see you at the premiere Nicholas. And if you want to bring us survival bracelets, we will take it!

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