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Wednesday, April 25th 2012

Teresa Palmer Channels The Lost Years

Twenty-six-year-old starlet Teresa Palmer says she had to research what most people get up to in their early 20s in preparing for her role in Australian film Wish You Were Here.

The past seven years have been in no way average for the Adelaide-born blonde, starring opposite the likes of Daniel Radcliffe in December Boys, Adam Sandler in Bedtime Stories, Nicolas Cage in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, in Steven Spielberg’s I Am Number Four and now alongside Joel Edgerton in Wish You Were Here.

“I didn’t really model her on anyone in particular. I just did a bit of research on the early 20s and what people get up to and how in your 20s it’s a time for self-discovery and you travel a lot and you’re somewhat selfish,” says Palmer, over the phone from Melbourne.

The directorial debut of Sydney actor- cum-filmmaker Kieran Darcy-Smith is a topical and tense psychodrama about a South-East Asian holiday gone wrong.

It follows two Sydney couples – the wayward and slightly flaky Steph (Palmer), who convinces her older pregnant sister, Alice (the director’s wife and co-writer Felicity Price), and her husband, Dave (Edgerton), to join her on a holiday with new boyfriend Jeremy (Antony Starr).

Gracefully shifting in non- linear fashion from scenes in Cambodia and back home, we learn Jeremy has gone missing and the characters begin to unravel as they struggle to suppress some big secrets.

Palmer says Wish You Were Here delves into the destructive effects of trauma on the fragile fabric of family life and the fallout of making the tough transition into parenthood when you’re not ready.

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